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On my weekend at Electric Forest 2013 in Rothbury, Michigan..


My first Electric Forest 2013. 35 hour drive. 1 shower. The happiest weekend of my entire life. Hands down. I went with friends I became closer with, and met some amazing new ones while I was there. I have never felt so embraced and loved at a festival like I did at this one. everyone had this beautiful energy about them. It wasn’t just the drugs. It wasn’t just the music. It was everyone’s mind blowing happiness to be there that made the weekend the best it could have possibly been. It was bright and colorful and loud, and peaceful and outrageous and calm all at the same time. I talked with many people who have attended in the past that said THIS particular year was the best. I learned so many new things. Cried about 5 times… out of pure joy ofcourse.. met Pasquale and Holly… met Robert Delong… met amazing people in general that I will keep in touch with till I see them again next year.  I wish i could better explain why this weekend was perfect but it was a combination of so many different things and little details of the weekend that came together just so perfectly for my friends and I. Our camping neighbors were super chill and inviting, we all collectively hungout together during the day before going into the festival. ate AMAZING food.. got some beautiful crystals… the art installations and characters were incredible. I will just be counting down the days to go back. Electric Forest was everything I thought it would be x100…. I could not have asked for anything more, I’m still riding this natural high from it. If you are a raver that misses PLUR… this festival has a copious amount of it. I know a lot of west coast ravers follow me on here, and i have to suggest that if you want some of that old school awesome vibes back in your life… attend this festival. please. Also if you do choose to attend this festival, take it in for what it is, but do not change what it is. this festival is pure love, It isn’t like most. I hope who ever reads this that attended this weekend feels the same way I do.

<3 :)

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    nailed it. counting the days until I go back!
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  5. cosmic-starfire said: This is beautiful! So glad to hear about your wonderful experience.Thanks for taking the time to write it. I’ve wanted to go to EF for a few years now. I just moved all the way from Arizona to Ohio so I will definitely be going next year :)
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